Modern people pursue fast, convenient, comfortable and easy to replace clothes and styles that follow the trend. However, it is also the mood of life to savor the classics of the old times even in the interval of time. Anna Rosa Vitiello, the former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar in the UK, is elegant and noble in style, with a strong retro flavor and noble spirit. Every time she appears in the fashion week, she is the object that photographers are keen to capture. Now that fashion bloggers are trying to be safe and uniform in style, they have their own style characteristics. Today we will appreciate another fashion and give some tips to friends who want to try the retro style ◉ tip 1 for reference The essence of retro is often found in small accessories. Berets, scarves, gloves and large grain metal ornaments are the accessories that Anna likes to use in daily wear. Even if they are matched with the fashionable items of the season, they also add a little retro charm.   ◉ tip 2 for reference Even for a very fashionable suit, as long as the hue is changed, together with her necessary sunglasses and large grain jewelry, the retro style can be realized. ◉ tip 3 for reference