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American campus retro style

In the 1990s, great changes have taken place in society. From the disintegration of the Soviet Union to the development of computer technology, the process of globalization has brought more possibilities to the fashion circle. People have also said goodbye to the “exaggeration” of the 1980s and returned to nature. At that time, there were classic pieces such as suits with broad shoulder pads, short shirts and faded loose jeans, and there were also classic pieces such as minimalist Q, simple sexy, hip-hop American style campus and other styles.

The 1990s still retains the shadow of the 1980s. The color is still bright and bright, but the overall texture will be more mature and rich. The clothing reveals a “rough” and matte texture. The use of color in the 1990s is imaginative, and the high saturation color shows the confidence in fashion. The most classic American campus retro style appeared at that time.

Strictly speaking, the American style campus retro style is one of the American style retro styles, which is commonly known as AMI khaki, and the American style retro style is mixed with many different types of styles: such as work clothes, military, ivy, Western cowboys, motorcycles, etc However, we only talk about the campus retro style today, because this style is more youthful and generally suitable for the vast number of sweet, spicy, beautiful and greasy female compatriots.

The first point is that the American style campus is hot and casual, and the colors are bold. The preppy style is conservative, elegant and pragmatism close to the life of preparatory students is the main theme of this style.

The right side below is the wearing style of the American school retro style in the Bible clueless: the matching of the Lingge element and the middle tube socks is the standard American school retro style textbook wearing method at that time, while the left side is the more elegant and “dignified” preppy style.

The second point is that the American retro style is not so particular about the fabric. It often wears clothes made of nylon or other chemical synthetic fibers. The preppy style has strict requirements on the fabric, and needs to use natural materials such as pure cotton or wool.

Before you want to wear the classic American campus retro style, you must understand the most common elements and items in this style.

1.Classic representative elements

In the 1990s, all kinds of stripes and plaques were fully displayed in the simple and sexy and American campus style. No matter the models on the runway or the ordinary people on the street, they began to be interested in the dark color plaques or stripes. At that time, the two most classic elements in the American Campus retro style were: rhombus plaques and plaques

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