21 fashion bloggers most worthy to follow in 2023

When it comes to fashion, vision is the key. Therefore, it is no wonder that many fashion lovers turn to Instagram and fashion blogs to get all the content of fashion.

Instagram is very suitable for OOTD (clothing of the day) and fast style inspiration, but blog is a place for serious fashion talents to write trends, suggestions and latest fashion innovations. Don’t you feel particularly fashionable today? Even in those lazy mornings, fashion blogs can provide you with inspiration for dressing appropriately. Are you following the hottest trends this season? These blogs are very suitable to help you determine which clothes and colors are suitable for your frame. They can also provide you with ideas about mixing and matching items to create a dozen perfect appearances without damaging the bank.

The rise of fashionable Instagram influencers and stylists paved the way for the bloggers on our list to have important influence online. Many of these bloggers started with social media, and their keen vision of style has not been ignored by their followers. Although they have their own websites, most of them are still active on Instagram and YouTube.

1. Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eddie, creator of the Atlantic – Pacific region, has worked in the fashion industry for several years. She has worked in Tory Burch, Gap and other companies, and has industry experience in the development of the industry for many years. She founded Atlantic Pacific in 2010 to show her own fashion aesthetics, which she described as “the meeting of the east coast and the west coast”. She has established important social media followers, including more than 1.7 million Instagram followers.
She has served as an influencer in many brands, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Sephora, CoverGirl, Gucci, etc. She also cooperates with luxury brands such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar to carry out global activities.
A quick glance at her website will show her eye-catching pictures of the latest fashion trends she likes, as well as her tips on what to wear and where to buy. Another advantage of Atlantic-Pacific is to regularly update the FAQs released by Audie, where she will answer the questions she received from fans and followers.
Typical recent articles include:
Favorite under $100
Return basis: seven staple foods
H&M Innovation Series

2.The Daileigh

Ashleigh Hutchinson of Daileigh wants her readers to create perfect closets. Her goal is to help women of all ages find or create their favorite styles. Ashleigh particularly wants older women to have confidence in their style. She wants to break the assumption that certain trends are only suitable for certain age groups. Ashleigh’s philosophy revolves around the concept that “age is only a number”.
Ashleigh’s blog is full of suggestions for ordinary women to make better fashion choices, whether it is “wear better with the clothes you own” or start a capsule wardrobe. In addition to her blog articles, she also published e-books and even held online webinars to help people improve their sense of fashion.
Ashleigh often publishes “how to do” articles, which are usually adjusted for her specific audience. She has written posts for women of different ages:
How to wear shorts in your 40s
How to wear shorts in your 50s
How to wear shorts in your 60s

3.Egg Canvas

The whimsical Egg Canvas is the creative idea of Erica Choi, the design director and photographer based in New York.
Why is it called “egg canvas”? Erica’s inspiration comes from her childhood Korean nickname, which means egg, and “canvas” is the medium of artistic creation. Therefore, the “egg canvas” is her life – creating beautiful things on the blank canvas every day.
As a licensed esthetician and graphic design graduate, Erica has a keen insight into vision. The post on Egg Canvas has beautiful photos and short text.
The blog includes a section showing the latest New York Fashion Week and a guide to New York City.

4.The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is the online blog of Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren, born in the Netherlands. Now living in New York, she is the mother of two children and runs her blog full-time.
Charlotte worked with fashion blog in her previous job until she decided to create one herself. As a personal style blog, fashion guitar shows Charlotte’s own fashion sense. When she became a mother, these posts naturally showed her motherhood and motherhood style and became an important part of the website. Charlotte has worked with her favorite brands and designers and likes to work with them.
Fashion Guitar divides its posts into nine categories:
Brand cooperation
Editorial shooting
Fashion Week
Mom Fashion
Full suit
5 ways in 5 days

5.Girl With Curves

Let’s face the reality – the figure of the model is far from the reality. There are slim people in real life, but there are also women who are bigger and look just as good. People have different shapes and sizes, but many of us are used to believing that only one shape is the ideal choice for fashion.
This is the mentality that curve girls want to break. Tanesha Awasthi created girls with curves in 2011 to represent ordinary people who are not size 0 or 2. The blog describes itself as “an award-winning blog created by people who believe that women should look and feel beautiful regardless of their weight.”
Since the establishment of the blog, Tanesha has become the most popular large fashion blogger in the industry. She hopes to help women, especially those who are larger, build confidence and self-esteem through fashion.
This blog includes trends, style tips, beauty advice, and childcare and health. Their label # StyleHasNoSize emphasizes their belief that fashion and style are suitable for everyone, regardless of their size.
In 2021, they launched girls with curves in the QVC series, featuring works with true size and inclusiveness.

6.Harper & Harley

Fans of minimalist aesthetics will like Harper&Harley, the website of Australian blogger Sara Crampton. From her fashion to her home design, her concept of “less is more” is clear in her post. Since the creation of the blog in 2008, Sara has become the preferred brand of classic, timeless and simple wardrobe.
Sarah appeared on the Australian reality show fashion blogger. She has also cooperated with global fashion brands such as Gucci, Estee Lauder, Uniqlo and Nike. Sara’s influence also extends to non-fashion brands. She is also mined by Jaguar, YSL Beaut é, L’Oreal and Dyson.
If you like white, black and gray, please go to Harper&Harley to learn about Sara’s simple but ultra-fashionable fashion style. Some of her posts include:
The life of suits and coats
Summer staple food
White shirts and blue jeans will never go out of style
My pregnancy style

7.Hello Fashion

Colombian-American blogger Christine Andrew’s Hello Fashion published a post covering everything from fashion to beauty, family, lifestyle and travel.
Christine founded her own fashion brand ILY Couture in 2011. In the same year, she founded Hello Fashion. Originally as an online diary, she shared her favorite fashion discoveries and helped customers dress and design their ILY Couture.
Christine is a real fashion icon, who has appeared on the best dressed list of Vanity Fair. Ironically, she was rejected by the fashion design school – it was this rejection that prompted her to work hard in the fashion industry.
Some recent posts of Hello Fashion include:
The secret to make your sports and leisure look more luxurious
4 ways to wear button shirts
Casual Valentine’s Day dressing

8.My Fash Diary

Tala Samman, the creator and editor of the blog, defines fashion as “what others claim”, while style is more personalized – “what you claim”. My Fash Diary is Tala’s personal style diary, which often publishes her favorite things, clothes she wears, the hottest trends in Dubai and the cities she travels.
Dubai Tara, born in Chicago and of Syrian descent, gives us a glimpse of the fashion and style of the Middle East. Although the name of the blog implies a strong tendency towards fashion, Tala also posted about beauty, food and travel.
My Fast Diary has been internationally recognized and nominated by Marie Claire, Twitter, UK Blog and Ahlan! Magazine Best Dubai Award. She was rated as one of the top 100 figures in Dubai in 2011, and was recognized in such famous publications as Grazia UK, Grazia Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Marie Claire Middle East.

9.One Dapper Street


We often think that fashion blogs are exclusive to women, but fashion is for all genders. One Dapper Street is a blog focused on men, aiming to change their views on fashion. This blog is Marcel Floruss’s online homepage – “a German who loves fashion and everything.” Fashion is Marcel’s passion, bringing him from Germany to New York City.
As a former model, Marcel went to the fashion school in New York. During his bachelor’s degree study, he decided to do something about the way men dress and how they view fashion feminization.
At One Dapper Street, Marcel combines his other two hobbies – photography and shopping. As the name implies, this blog provides a mixture of refinement and street style for modern people.
This blog contains a large number of highly visual articles on various styles and lifestyle topics for men.

10.Grasie Mercedes

Grasie Mercedes is not your usual fashion blogger. She is an actress, writer, film producer, director and podcast host. She also happens to have a rock style. Her website, called Grassie Mercedes for short, mainly introduces her work in the entertainment industry. The blog part is where she publishes about fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle.
You can find sweet photography works in her post. You will see Grassie wearing the latest fashion trends and her favorite clothes.
People may regard Grasie’s website as her online portfolio, which shows her great creative talent. Her post on fashion proves her value as a stylist and blogger.

11.What My Boyfriend Wore

What My Boyfriend Wore is not a blog of fashion avant-garde girlfriend, but it did start with the creator Sergio Ines’ current ex-girlfriend publishing his clothing photos on Instagram. As Sergio described, this “distinctive fashion diary” is about the fashion and style of ordinary people.
It covers many aspects of men’s lifestyle and fashion, from the correct way to wear a suit to the different ways to wear a T-shirt, and even posts on drinks. Blog articles are attached with photos of Sergio wearing exquisite clothes, or photos of his travels. A frequent topic is “Dressique”. The South African blogger discussed the common style rules of men’s fashion, such as matching the belt with shoes, and the position of the tie bar. (If you want to know, it’s between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.)
Some interesting categories of this blog include:
Tailor Sunday
Small and smart
Fancy Friday

12.We Wore What


We Wore What is one of those extraordinary blogs that have succeeded as an online store. Founder Danielle Bernstein founded We Wore What in 2010, when he was a student in New York City. As a self-taught photographer, she began to shoot street fashion on campus. Finally, blogs evolved into more personal things, and Danielle’s career as a fashion influencer began. Since then, she has written a New York Times bestseller entitled “This is not a fashion story”, and was rated as 30 people under 30 by Forbes before the age of 25.
Although it has been transformed into an online store, We Wore What has not given up its origin and is still active as a fashion blog. Danielle and her team released information about the latest style trends, gift guides and other accessories.
If you want to strike a balance between easy daily wear and healthy life, please go to We Wore What.

13.In the Frow

You won’t often find fashion bloggers with the title “Doctor”. However, Dr. Victoria Magrath, the founder of Inthefrow, successfully completed her graduate course in fashion marketing at the University of Manchester, about the same time as she launched Inthefrow. Now it is one of the most mature fashion blogs in the world. Victoria’s talent and skills in fashion have also been recognized by others: in 2016 and 2017, she was named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, and won the 2018 British Best Fashion Blog Award in the Vuelio Blog Award.
Victoria’s reputation makes her represent the global brand. She has worked with Bvlgari, Dyson Hair, Lumene, St Tropez and Armani Beauty cooperate. But this is not the whole content of Inthefrow. As a former university lecturer, Victoria wrote a book entitled “The New Fashion Rules”, and cooperated with the retailer Edge of Ember to design her own sustainable silver jewelry series.
If you are looking for some best advice on what to wear and how to design your wardrobe and makeup, please visit Inside. You may be interested in these posts:
New fashion rules in 2022 and beyond
Necessary items for selling shiny boots
Where can I find the necessary accessories for spring and summer

14. Glamazon Diaries

Glaamazon Diaries perfectly integrates fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, health and some wedding suggestions. Glaamazon Diaries, one of the earliest fashion blogs in Washington, D.C., was founded by Makeda Saggau-Sackey in 2007. As an influencer of active physical movement, she is committed to making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident about their skin, and do this within the budget.
Makeda’s view of fashion is very personal. For example, the wedding of Glaamazon Diaries recorded Makeda’s own experience, from their proposal story to her wedding with Thomas Rabioux, a French senior manager of Louis Vuitton.
You will find a lot of wonderful interpretations about trends and seasons, and know what Makeda likes to wear. If you see something you absolutely must have on her blog, Makeda will help you by posting links to places where you can buy appearances.

15.Fashion Steele NYC

Another doctoral graduate on our list is Monroe Steel, founder of New York Fashion Steele. As early as 2010, Monroe completed her doctorate. In physical therapy, her creativity needs an outlet. She is full of creativity and love of fashion – she took full advantage of both before long. Since then, Monroe has changed her scrub clothes into more fashionable clothes and turned to full-time blogging to make full use of her two hobbies – writing and fashion. You will find all the inspiration to make you look the best, from the purchase of the best junk worthy of attention to high-end events such as New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Week.
Fashion Steele NYC also explores travel, beauty, lifestyle and activities. This makes it an intelligent guide to what to do, see and keep up with every week. If you are considering creating your own blog or online business, Monroe also provides suggestions such as “How to not fail in public speeches” and “7 secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur”.

16.Mia Mia Mine

Maria Vizuete is a former stock analyst who later became a fashion blogger. When she started her fashion blog Mia Mia Mine, she worked on Wall Street as a creative channel. Like other bloggers from other industries on our list, Maria believes that turning to fashion blog is her best decision. Her financial background can be seen in some topics of her blog. She provides women with investment advice that can be squandered, as well as skills on how to match them with more affordable clothes. Her target market is professional women who want to show their best at any time from day to night.
Like many smart fashion bloggers, Maria has expanded her scope to other fields. Today, visiting Mia Mia Mine will provide you with home decoration, marriage, fitness, travel and blog skills. Mia Mia Mine can help you if you want to know which fashion items to invest in and which fashion items to buy in thrift stores.

17.Stylishly Me


Vanessa Rodriguez Lang is more than just a fashion blogger – she thinks she is an entrepreneur, fashion expert and consultant. While creating and managing Stylishlyme blog, Vanessa runs a digital marketing agency. Vanessa makes every effort to help other entrepreneurs build sustainable enterprises and turn her love of fashion into reality. In 2009, her husband suggested that she open a blog so that she could vent her enthusiasm. So Stylishlyme was born.
Stylishlyme provides your usual fashion and style tips, including posts on how to wear fashion items such as medium-length dresses, boots, hats and ankle high heels. In addition, Stylishlyme also uses part of the website for personal growth. This blog provides suggestions on how to improve yourself through proper time management and good habits.

18. Akanksha Redhu

As one of the top fashion bloggers in India, Akanksha Redhu opened her blog in 2010 as a journal to record and express her thoughts and ideas. Since then, it has developed into a mature fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, including posts on India Fashion Week.
In her blog, Akanksha posted about her personal clothing and beauty products, her daily style, interesting events and travel posts. She has worked with many brands, including Armani, Swarovski, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, Burberry, Ossudan, and even Uber, Eppie and Amazon.

19.The Fashion Advocate

With the rise of fast fashion brands, many environmentalists began to pay attention to its impact on our society and environment. As its name implies, Claire Goldsworthy, the fashion advocate of Australian blogger, advocates sustainable fashion trends. She will promote the dialogue around fashion to a higher level and urge readers to consider the impact of their fashion choices on their surroundings.
The fashion advocate’s characteristic brand conforms to her values and ethics, and encourages her followers to “shop with your values”.
Their online stores only stock products from brands with at least three tenths of value:
Made in Australia/New Zealand
Designed in Australia/New Zealand
Sustainability and zero waste
Certified by the official industry organization
Transparent supply chain
Social enterprise
Recycling and recycling
Environment-friendly fabric

20.Camila Coelho

The Brazilian fashion blogger who has more than 9 million fans on Instagram also released information about makeup, skin care and travel. As early as 2010, she began to work as a beauty video blogger on YouTube, doing makeup tutorials. Today, she is one of the most popular online fashion bloggers, and even launched her own clothing series on Revolve.
However, she is not only beautiful and fashionable. Camilla also served as ambassador and board member of the American Epilepsy Foundation. As a person with epilepsy, Camilla’s goal is to share her own story about the disease and raise people’s awareness of the challenges and obstacles faced by epilepsy patients.
Recent interesting fashion posts on her website include:
Summer trend: crochet bikini
Street style tips
How to wear white pieces

21. The Chriselle Factor

Christelle Lim, a Korean American stylist, founded Christelle Factor in 2011 as an outlet for her creativity. In addition to her blog, there is also her YouTube channel, which now has nearly 66 million views and more than 700000 subscribers.
In cooperation with Gucci, MiuMiu, Dior, Cartier, Versace and other luxury brands, Christelle has firmly established her reputation as a top stylist and fashion blogger. As a mother of two children, her blog also published articles about motherhood and childcare. She even accumulated a large number of followers on the popular application TikTok. She was nicknamed “Rich Mother”.
Her recent posts on The Christine Factor blog and YouTube channel include:
Umma Lim’s Korean beauty tips (YouTube video)
Luxury gifts that everyone will like (blog post)
Summer clothing and makeup (YouTube video)

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